About Us


Our Approach

We love these mountains and our mountain towns. We also love newspapers. (Occupational hazard.)

Our goal with Press Play was to have fun with the news that matters to you. 

Press Play is a quick, easy-to-read, weekly update on the things we think you won’t want to miss happening in your communities.

Our Story

Disclaimer: Our office is nowhere near as cool as the one you see here ^^^^^. We could only dream.

We do hope though that you will help us build a dream of creating something you can really love.

We welcome your feedback, good or bad. It will only help us grow in the right direction over time.



Meet the Team

Rachel Robles

Staff Writer and Foodie

Hi, I’m Rachel. I like books, baking, books ABOUT baking and running around with my 3-year-old. Let’s connect!

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Allison Richmond

Wizard of Tech, Wrangler of Emails

Hi, I’m Allison. I like cookies, hiking and horses. I sit behind a desk because we’ve all got to grow up sometime.

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Katie Mussel

Staff Writer, Adventurer

My name is Katie! I am a 25-year-old rock climber. I spend my weekdays working, my evenings with friends and my weekends outdoors.