From the Editor

Calling all modern-day hippies

Tie-dyed hippie heart goes here
Giving a little love to our hippie friends

This week is dedicated to all the hippie folk out there. You know who you are: you’ve watched all 5 ½ hours of the Woodstock documentary, probably have tickets to see Phish this summer, crash on couches regularly, busk sometimes, etc.

This wasn’t intentional. I just realized after writing all this that there are mentions of a local music festival, cheap yoga, a sale, a Grateful Dead cover band, and an open mic that “may” lead to a paid gig. So this is for you, dreaded warriors. Keep enjoying yourself and enjoy the recommendations.

For the rest of you that aren’t celebrating Jerry Garcia’s birthday, there are plenty more things going on this week, including some killer shows and food-related events. Don’t work too hard! Have fun this week.

For your viewing pleasure:  Santana at Woodstock