From the Editor

Super-soakin up summer in Western North Carolina

Super Soaker ready for battle

As usual, there’s a lot going on this week (and this summer) in WNC, and a lot to be excited about. We’ve got a new restaurant that doesn’t have an official grand opening date. It looks so good, though, we kind of want to wait outside until then. There’s also an obscure holiday that might leave you incapacitated or at least happily hung over. Plus, there’s a freaky show that will be sure to confuse you in the best way possible. It may even give you a little taste of good old catharsis.

For the less freaky people, there’s a lot of great art exhibits, some family-friendly fun, and if you’re broke, just find your old Super Soaker 2000 and spray straight up in the air and pretend it’s raining. Finally, take a look at all the FREE things we’ve listed for you in this week’s newsletter. The choice is yours.

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